Death Is Just the Beginning

This life that we live is just one state of being. I believe that once these earthly bodies are gone then the next step will be upon us. Not sure what it is but it is inevitable so it shouldn't be feared. I am a christian but have a few different view points about the afterlife. Life can end with a flash and some really important people to me have gone. I like to think that they are at the next stage of life that all living organisms go to and these bodies are vessels that are on loan. When i go, i want a party and no tears. Gather my friends and family and get drunk in my honor. Have a good time remembering the good times we've had together and make some jokes about me. No boring, drawn out funeral or any of that crap. Just look forward to meeting me again on the other side.
thatguy78 thatguy78
26-30, M
1 Response May 4, 2007

i like yer outlook