I Guess I'm Stupid

Guess i can share this here without anyone knowing it's acutally me. I am only 22 yet i've come to some sort of conclusion
I've done motorX, snowboarding and skydíving - still doing that though. Had a buddy who died this year during our trip to the UK right below me. I am pretty shaken by that yet i still do not fear death. I do have a lot to live for: friends, family and soon to be a gf. After my parents' fatal car accident last year i've visited a shrink a couple of times who found me perfectly normal. I am a happy person and I do not welcome death however i see it as a natual element of my live. I've had a couple of close to death encounters like an avalanche in italy, when my car got covered in snow and sandstorm outside dubai with nobody but two of my friends beside me, and that got me thinking - you die when you're supposed to. I'm not sure about my religious standing, but something played its role during those events. Guess you can't plan everything for the next year or even tomorrow with 100% certainty.
Just sharing my story guys, so interpret this however you want, have a nice day/evening.
EuropeanDude EuropeanDude
Dec 6, 2012