I'm Not.

I may have feared death as a child, but I no longer feel that way. I sometimes feel so alone that it doesn't even matter if I was dead or not. Sometimes it seems as if no one cares if iwas here. Though I do know my boyfriend cares a lot about me and truly loves me, this feeling...I still have deep inside me is always there. Death,
It's something that fantasizes me. Like I wonder what actually happens after death. If you really feel no pain at all. If it all ends for you or is there an afterlife? I wonder and just think a lot. I could die today, tomorrow, or next year it's something Im no longer scared about haha. Though at times I do wish I was dead...
lonelyhearts91 lonelyhearts91
22-25, F
1 Response Jul 10, 2013

You want meaningful life? Find your compassion, your radiant unconditionally loving nature. I know you have it because its the part in you that's the same in me. It's where our brief glimpses of unity come from. You'll die soon enough life is unpredictable, full of joy and suffering. Often more suffering. Every finite thing you cling to you will loose. It's this same melancholy impermanence that gives life it's tragic beauty. Enjoy your share of it while you have it.