For Me to Live Is Christ and to Die Is Gain

I am a Christian and do not fear death. Yes death means being seperated for a time from those you love but I know that I am going to an even better place. So why should i fear death? Yes death is a horrible thing and it was never originally in Gods plan but hey we live in a fallen wall, death is going to come some day. I dont want to die, not yet anyways because I want to do so much on earth but I will be glad for the day that I get to join my Saviour in Heaven!
joeyfaye joeyfaye
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1 Response Jul 6, 2007

My message to you and all other religious people. How do you know that? Do just believe this because some old guy in the Vatican tells you that or because it is written in a couple of old books thousands of years ago (Bible, Torah, Quran)?<br />
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You are still young. You might not have developed an independent mind to see how you are manipulated by church leaders and republicans. For instance I am convinced that George Bush didn't believe a dime of what he was saying. It was his way to grab power.