I Think I Have Less Fear of De...

I think I have less fear of death than the average person.  And less delusions about what will happen.  By that I mean I don't claim to know what will happen upon my death as so many other people do.  Religious people, atheists, etc all think they have the answer.  The only real truth in the world and the BIG one is that....drum roll please...NOBODY FREAKIN' KNOWS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE DIE!!!  Why can't people just realize that is the only truth in this whole world.  That we will die and have no idea what happens upon death.  That not knowing is more comforting to me than any religious idea.  The great unknown speaks more to me of the possibility of life after death than any religious idea I've ever heard.
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no problemo my friend!

I agree with you completey Constant, thanks!!

eek gad! what a topic! one that calls for all sorts of science which no one truly understands and it's all circular with no conclusive ending anyhow... so ... with that said ... ya die, you're dead - that's all we know at this point. and as i see it, there's no way to find out beyond that until we ourselves die. in which case it will be too late to write it in the journals and share the secret with the rest of humanity. and there ya have it ... my silly philosophy in a nusthell. lol

Biochemically speaking, I'd say that in the big picture, if you are rotting in the ground, you are meeting your maker, eventually, element by decomposing element.

I don't think you read what I wrote very well, I didn't say anything about whether we should try to find out what happens when we die. I said we fundamentally can't. Where is there any evidence at all that man is coming closer to discovering the great question of life? There is none. There is fundamentally no way to ever learn what happens when we die. There is no path to follow, no trace. There's simply no evidence for your argument. I still love you though Celainn!!

I was disagreeing with Celainn, not split personality just to clarify.

I couldn't disagree with you more...you must be one of those people that thinks that science can explain everything...try studying some astronomy, physics, some quantum mechanics...ask one of those top scientists if we'll ever understand all of the secrets in the world and they will chuckle with laughter...the best scientists in the world know that life is an open book, an endless hole, there is never-ending knowledge out there, once you figure one thing out it only brings new questions, always, never-ending...BTW I was raised Catholic, I'm a confirmed Catholic though I no longer practice...they do believe in life after death, heaven, hell, and purgatory too. You made yourself an example of exactly what I was talking about...people that think they know the answers about something they fundamentally never could (no one will EVER be able to tell us what it's like to die, why? BECAUSE THEY'RE FREAKIN DEAD IN THE GROUND, A ROTTING CORPSE, THAT'S IT FOR THIS WORLD, DONE...NOT SAYING THERE'S NO AFTERLIFE BUT WE WON'T KNOW TILL WE DIE OURSELVES. Don't mean to be rude but I gotta call it like I see it

As long as there's no more pain I could care less what happens or where I go... If I had a choice I'd go to a place w/ a big bed, a computer and the ability to lay around in nothing but a T-shirt all day! That is my idea of a heaven! (**** I'm already in hell) :P