Why I Am Not Afraid to Die

I am not afraid to die because I believe that absolutely nothing happens afterwards. The state of my being before I was born was perfectly dormant and unaware, and that is what will happen when I pass away: I will return to that stillness.

I am not afraid to die because I sometimes find that the thought of returning to that state of non-existence is preferable to life in a world where there is so much intolerable nonsense.

A person who believes in a man in the sky but chooses to ignore the existence of a homosexual person sitting beside him?

Humans murdering each other every day with guns and bombs: things they have invented for the sole purpose of destroying other human lives?

Humans are supposed to be the top of the food chain, the most intelligent form of life on Earth.

No thanks.

I am not afraid to die because a break would be nice...
octoberrust octoberrust
22-25, M
Jul 15, 2007