Not Scared At All!

My friends are trying to get me out of doing a parachute jump at the min n asking me aren't you scared if the parachute doesn't open etc!

N i just answer if it doesn't happen it is what is meant to be! n i die!

They then ask aren't you scared n i have to say NO!

I'm not scared of dying as it happens to everybody at some point during their life - obvs!
N i know life still continues after people die as i have had alot of people close to me die! n i always thought i wouldn't be able to recover from them but I'm here I'm alive!

Every time i am in pain or nervous i just think about the people who i have lost n think I'm being stupid these people wont be able to do these things! n then i calm down!

I don't really want to die just yet as i have lots of things i want to achieve in my life but if i do i know my friends will get over me in time n they will think of me when there at there lowest!!

n also i know full well that life doesn't end when you die as we have about ten ghosts at my dads house so i know i could visit them if they were all time low!!!

I know i seem very morbid by saying that but i just don't feel fear about death
sazead sazead
22-25, F
1 Response Feb 18, 2007

christians who live right dont fearit because we know it is only a transition