I Dive Right In

I try to expose my mind to things that it hasn't encountered to help make sense of everything else. It's so much easier to get a good look at what's going on in your head if you take a few steps back into wayoutinleftfieldland. I've seen some crazy stuff sober and otherwise. As long as I don't let my mind get hung up on something and keep it moving along I gather enough stimuli to analyze after the fact. Believe it or not, even the craziest stuff that your mind spits out is usually in response to something simple that flipped a few switches that you didn't expect. Read Freud's "On Dreams and Dreaming when I was twelve. Really helped explain a lot of stuff. I know that the gy was way off on a lot of stuff, but his analysis on visualizations thatcome from you unconcios is uncanny. The same stuff applies to waking halucinations. I've experienced a few haluicantory drugs(not many), and have suffered from sleep deprivation plenty. There are even similarities to waking hallucinations and highly stressful traumatic experiences. If you ever reach the point where you are almost completely desensitized, the dream-like slow-motion doesn't even happen anymore. It's bittersweet.


V8fusion V8fusion
26-30, M
Apr 2, 2010