I Have Seen a Lot of Stories ....

People who are afraid to show what they are really feeling because others will think they just want attention.

To all the people on EP: This is what this site was CREATED for!! For you to show your TRUE emotions and experiences!! 

You should not have to hide if you are sad- or angry. No - not 100% of people are happy ALL THE TIME - and if they say they are - then they are LYING.


So  please - I ask you - please still feel free to share yourself and your feelings.


MizzBlue72 MizzBlue72
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7 Responses Mar 11, 2009

you know, i agree i love having this place to write my stuff down and to share with others who like it here too. we can help each other. all places have "bad apples" we just have to ignore them. and i dont care if someone i know recognizes me. i would love for them to read my poems. i guess at this point in my life, i have nothing to hide, i guess if i was really guilty about something and wanted to confess, i would be annoyomuous, cause that is why it is a confession! right! and btw i am not happy all the time.... no way.........sad more that happy. but i am working on it! happy today everybody!<br />

Astarte - I can understand that. It makes sense. I sometimes wonder if people will revognize me on here. I ALMOST wish they did, so they would understand a little more....

I like it, but the more I share, the more afraid I am that someone would recognize me, its a good feeling to express my true feelings but it also makes me paranoid as well

Thank God flour ! I'm glad you are not still crying .... : )

welli cried everyday for a long time. but havent in almost a week. maybe menapause is getting better!

Well said!! I wish that it would feel more comfy for people to share ... and I HATE attention ***** too.

I agree. I love this place. I can say all my deepest darkest secrets without anyone to make fun of me of embarrass me, only people who will support me. Here, it is a place of freedom.