My Story

I am posting my stories on here regardless of what others think or say, I find that if it is helpful then I would accept, I find that it is hurtful then I ignore and move on.

So read my stories and if I am able to give a different point of view on an issue that you are facing in your life and be able to give you a idea about it, then that is good.

I read your stories to get your point of views on things and if I find them useful I may take it up, but if I find it to be otherwise don't expect much.

If you think I'm full of BS and that I make up stuff, I will say this here and not again.  I am not that good at making up a story to make it believe-able and I am not the attention seeking type.

I can put down my thoughts and feelings here to help me. 

I have met some wonderful people here, and have become their friends because they have let me into their lives.

Am I afraid to share how I feel?  Of course not.

Am I afraid of being attacked for how I feel?  No.

Do I make apologies?  No

Do I fear, fear?  Fear can not hurt me, can not kill me, so why be afraid of being?

So feel free to browse and look.

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41-45, M
2 Responses Mar 12, 2009

Thank you Stillrighthere.... Appreciate the comments...

like what you have to say here. very much. peace and peaches!