10 Opinions I Have

Here are my opinions on some random topics:

1.The Kardashians: Why are the famous again? Have they actually done anything significant? They're tacky and annoying, and I don't want to "keep up with them". I tried to watch their show once, and it wasn't the least bit entertaining. I think the only pretty ones are Kendall and Kylie. It seems like Kim tries everything just to stay in the spot light.

2.Gay Rights: Legalize Love. That's right. Love is love, no matter what form it's in. I think gay marriages should be legalized everywhere because everyone should be able to experience love. God does love gay people because they are his children and he made them that way. A person doesn't just decide to be gay. I never "decided" to like boys, I just always have, and never had to think about it. I think coming out is one of the bravest things a person can do and I admire that. I have nothing against gay people. I think they should have children if they want to. I think they should be happy. A person who thinks being gay is wrong is ******* ignorant.

3.Abortion:It is a personal decision and should not be a public debate. I don't consider killing something that can't physically live yet "murder".What if a girl got raped and she didn't want to go through with the pregnancy? A baby should be made with LOVE. Let's say the girl did go through with the pregnancy. Think about how weird it would feel to know you were a rape baby. I've never been in a situation such as this, but I do think that abortion is a personal decision.

4.Premarital Sex: Like Justin Bieber said, "I don't think you should have sex with someone unless you love them." I couldn't agree more. The idea of having sex right now honestly scares me. I don't want any regrets. I want that moment to be special. In order for that to happen, it has to be with someone special; the man I am in love with. I'm a virgin and I plan on staying that way until marriage. I know a lot of teenagers do have sex, but I'm just not mature enough for that kind of commitment. I think it is worth the wait. I'm not in a rush at all. 

5.Piercings: Too many piercings are tacky! I think all piercings except for the ears, nose, and belly button are just plain weird looking. I only have one piercing in each ear.

6.Tattoos: I think tattoos can be special. I'd love to get one when I'm older on my wrist or foot. I want an inspirational quote. I was thinking of getting the quote "Love is louder than the pressure to be perfect". It's a quote by Demi Lovato. Face tattoos looks stupid. Sleeves ruin arms and too many tattoos are tacky. I'm not into big tattoos either. I mean, what happens when you get old? How many old people are actually in shape? My dad thinks tattoos in general, no matter what they are, are tacky. I disagree with him.

7.Facebook: It's my favorite social network!  I got a facebook in sixth grade. I think it's super tacky when girls take too many pictures of themselves and have this huge album. I think it's tacky to put out personal problems for the world to see. Hello? Facebook is NOT a therapist! It's fun to facebook stalk people and I'm obsessed with the game Castleville. I wish facebook would stop changing so much, though. 

8.Sexting: Don't know what it is? It's sending naughty pictures of yourself to someone. I think that is EXTREMELY ignorant. I mean, say you were to break up with your boyfriend and he was a total jerk. Say he shows all his friends those pictures. Pictures like that can easily get into the wrong hands. There are two reasons why I would never sext: 1.I am very insecure about my body. 2.It's stupid and gross.

9.Coffee: I used to think the drink was disgusting! I thought it tasted like burnt juice. But one day, about two months ago, I made it right. I put cream and sugar in it and after that I became obsessed. Now I drink it too much. I try to keep at it only two cups a day. If you don't fix it right, it isn't yummy. I usually use Splenda instead of sugar because it has no calories. I've heard they make it with chemicals, but I've stayed healthy. I'm alright. 

10.Bras: GIRLS! Get measured at a department store. Especially if you are a teenager who is still growing. Please! It's really not that awkward! They can do it over your clothes. Even if you are a grown woman, I suggest this. There is nothing more unflattering that saggy boobs. Get the right size. Not only is it more comfortable, but it looks way better under clothing! Wearing a bra that is too small does NOT make your cleavage look "sexy".  And if you weren't born with big boobs, it is OKAY. Guys will still love you. Your friends will still love you. You are not ugly. But don't wear heavily padded bras, wear push up bras. Padded bras are super obvious and what if your boyfriend was looking for your boob but found a nerf football instead? You can avoid this from happening.

BieberMammoth BieberMammoth
18-21, F
May 16, 2012