Not For All A Good Avise

If you don't want to run into trouble, just shut up.  Listen to what they say, whatever it may be.  Don't ask any questions.  Behave.  Start talking only when it's needed.  Wait and listen.  Listen carefully but remember, don't ask questions.

The most foolish things you'll hear.  The most implausible, impractical, far-fetched and illogical will be there to hear, I guarantee you.  Don't give a move, don't blink, don't smile, quench your teeth if needed.

If you follow this simple rule, I'm sure you're gonna make it, baby.

If you don't, trouble is in store.

You'll need daggers and fine legs in order not to stagger, and the skin of an elephant.  But if you've got what it takes, you can have a ball!

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Good advise...