Pleasant Under The Moonlight

   Walking in the soft glow of the moonlight, so calm and mystifying, Its a great way to relax and see the world in a totally new light. I enjoy strolling through the darkness of winter, to view the  silhouette of tree branches that resemble skeletons. The world looks different and very pleasant, as your pupils enlarge, vision becomes coarse textured and not the fine sharpness of the day. I could see just as well in the night as in the day.

         I don't see violence, the unknown, any thing  scary of what they claim on the movies or in literature. The creatures of the night, grossly misunderstood, merit the attention just as much as in the day. With a close look, there is nothing to be fearful of the dark.

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3 Responses Jan 24, 2010

I am always cautious in the night, but I don't have any fear of it.

sounds nice, but just be careful.the violeance isn't just on the movies or literature. it happens in real life.

Thank you DT.