Can't Remember A Time When I Wasn't Afraid

I remember when I was a kid I went to a summer camp and me and some kids were walking back to our cabin in the dark, and a few of them had flashlights, and I was all like, I don't need one, I can see where I'm going! I ran ahead of them in the dark and would've missed the turn off for the cabin if they hadn't been right behind me and I noticed them all turning. I was such a dork! But yeah, I don't remeber ever being afraid of the night time. There's something so mystical about it.

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I love the night. Especialy when shared with another hand in hand. Often even those affraid of the dark can find beauty when placed with another great sould beside them. What was once feared seems to take on a primal beauty of it's own that two can enjoy as one.<br />
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Though like you I've often gone it alone. I find peace an assurance in the "seamingly" calm of the night.