I Will Not Be Afraid.

I am a writer.  I am a news *****.  I live for information and information is at the heart of my continued existence.  I have nothing that can be taken from me.  I can be tortured and executed.  I can have everything I own stolen.  I will not be afraid. 

Do you want to know the real nature of the War on Terrorism? It is the same as the War on Drugs.

Beyond a certain point in one's life, when on drugs will be the only time you do not shrink from the whip and lash of authority. Warmongers are animals moving along one set instinctive path. That of attack when they are in a position of percieved superiority. I'm bigger than you, fear me.

The war on drugs is a war to make certain people are afraid. They must be afraid else what is the point of holding the authority to make war? You must subjugate if you are to make war else all you own is a burnt ***** of land. Without competition there is no evolution of right and wrong towards more functionally surviving traits. With drugs, you aren't afraid. You've lost everything to the addiction and all you have is your life. With terrorists, they have nothing. They're ready to die.

If the logic behind terrorist acts is that they 'hate our freedoms' and the logic behind drug users is that they are 'trying to escape from the world' then the Wars on Terrorism and Drugs are the best way to assuage them.  If we ***** away the freedoms they hate, they'll have no reason to attack us, right?  If we kill them or put them into a small cage where they'll have no responsibilities, we let them escape from the world, right?

If people every moment of every day suspect every person around them then they are alone and one alone against a tide of self righteous men cannot make a mark. The goal is for a very few to be secure and many to be afraid of one another and even of themselves. The fearful are easy to control. This is the nature of the wars our country wages. Make them afraid. There is an unfortunate...or perhaps very fortunate...side effect. When you ***** away everything of value from someone...everything they could fear having taken from them...they will fear nothing.

Chessie Chessie
22-25, F
2 Responses May 28, 2007

"Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose. It ain't worth nothing, but's it free."<br />
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Wow, it's been said so many places and so many ways, but you make it stick. Well done!

You're good, and I'm 100% with you.<br />
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And we are still the minority by far, unfortunately.<br />
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Your words are almost poetic. Very nice.