Another Teacher

For at least two school years I had this teacher for one subject and many times she would sit on an empty desk right in front of us with her feet up on the 2 empty chairs between us and and her - imagine the reaction if we had done that with our shoes on! So anyhow this was back in the day when girls of a certian age started to wear short skirts and the young female teachers wanted to join in.

So on certain days when I was sitting accidentally in the 2nd row of desks from her it was possible to see right up her skirt, past the tops of her stockings and look at her panties. The one memorable image I have retained is pink lacy panties and the dark tan stocking tops.

Of course this was a great item of interest for a late teenager with hormones racing even though I have to say I never found her attractive. When I think back now though I can't help but feel that she must have known, must have realised surely?

I 'm not obsessing about this on even a monthly basis but given my experience in the other story and that these two teachers have stayed in my memory (perhaps because they were figures of authority), do we think they were deliberately teasing me and all the other obsessed teenage boys like me? Any ladies got any views?

I'm just curious - it seems odd looking back now.
kindaperson kindaperson
56-60, M
May 10, 2012