When I Was Growing Up

When I was growning up my mother did all the spankings in our house! 1 time my dad paddle my bare bottom. I was 14 and I stayed out missed one of my mothers friends who came to see us kids. When I got home there was no one watching TV. I walked into the kitchen My dad was sitting at the kitchen table my mother said you are grounded and your father is going to punish you. My dad told me to go take a hot shower get dressed in my night grown and report back to the kitchen. I was in the shower when my little sister came in and told me I was in BIG trouble.
Just as she left the bathroom I heard my mother telling her to report to my dad. I stopped the water dried myself and put on my night grown I normally wore nothing under it.
I reported to the kitchen. My dad told me that I would get 28 swats bare bottom over his knee.
I watched as he told my little sister to get over his knee she pulled up her night grown she started to cry after the 1st swat of his hand. My dad had large strong hands My sister was just 12 1/2 He spanked her until he was done My sister ran by me to our room. Then it was my turn.
He picked up the wooden hairbrush tapping it on his hand and told me to lift my night grown.
I did I laid across his lap and I felt the 1st of 28 swats with that brush. I was pleading for it to stop. I promissed I will never be late again. Then it stopped I too ran to my room. By morning I was still very sore when I took my shower. But because I was grounded I was to stay in my night grown. I enter the kitchen my mother told me after lunch she will be visiting me for her turn. Because it was her friend I missed and disapponted her. I knew I was going to get it again.
But I did not fault them I earned every single one of the slaps and swats I got.
The hard part is finding someone like my mother again to give a good spanking from time to time. I do have a Great part-time Daddy who gives me what I need with all the extra touching that 99.9% of old men want from us girls. But not him he is great just like my dad was!
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great story

Your mom and dad sure loved you and loved spanking your butt. Your mom didn't want to miss her part of fun.

we need to be friends.

Sounds like a good upbringing

I think u got just what u deserved and aunt spanking u was good act like a brat get spanked. as I tried up I was often spank by mom and then again from dad when he got home with his belt

my mom had spank me when i got home in the kitchen it was for school grades got note home mom bare my bottom over her knees an pounding away in my butt when my autn my sister an my girls cousin walk in seeing me get it embrassed go tup rubing my bottom an went to room mom told me just underware nohthing else an dad will see you later it was after dinner kinda hard sitting an me sis mom dad an we got done an dad said i see mom warm your bottom for me what is this about note an blab an next thing dad belt came off an in family room over cocuh gave me licking

Thank you all at the ranch I work at they hired a new women who looks a lot like my mother but isn't. But I have shared a few story's with her and She told me she would like to try to fullfill my request but that's another story that has happen

when I did this MaryJoAZ I earned it because I was only thinking of myself but thanks

<p>I don't believe two spankings for one thing is fair at all.</p>

Well said - i chat with several woman, who like myself discipline and there are times only a woman can provide the perfect experience for an adult woman who needs a firm hand.

Add us pls

Great story. Thanks for sharing.

I'm pleased you found someone who fits your needs and you his. While I'm not a daddy, I am a disciplinarian and I pride myself on the punishment session being "No sex/no payment" and the last thing the young lady will be thinking about when she's over my knee is sex. Foremost on her mind is hoping the session will end so she might rub some of the fire out of her burning backside. But yes, many men start with "no, I won't pressure you for sex, then after the 2nd or 3rd swat they're groping away. With a school paddle, it takes 4 or 5 good swats before he lady starts to really get the message. It takes all kinds, as the saying goes, and I'm quite happy to be "on call" as a disciplinarian when needed. I always respect limits, and as anyone worth his salt knows, it IS the one with her bottom getting spanked who is REALLY in charge. But I spend a lot of time building up trust so that when the spanking is over, the young lady KNOWS she's been punished and will be sleeping on her stomach for some time. Most seem to like this. I used to spank one girl who wanted marks, but she only wanted them to last a day. I explained how difficult that is---skin tone, implement used, a lot of things go into how much or how little you mark. But I've settled down and gotten picky of late and there are only 6 I see regularly. I know them (and they me) well enough to know I'm not going to make any advances and they know that they will be sore for about 4-5 days, and they'll feel it every time they pull their jeans up (or down!).

lucky you to have such a great part time daddy!

Good story Danielle, hope you soon will find a strict mother figure who can give ou the discipline you desire.

It isn't fair to get two spankings for the same thing.<br />

Whatever they decided was fair was fair.

Nice story daniellE!Nothing like a good spanking! Wish wish I could give u a few spankings :) spnkbooty !

wow dantesanders what a way to talk to a women who share her story! I feel sorry for you.

If I was your mothers child, I'd tell her to **** off.

wow Danielle thanks for sharing it with us.