This Case Spanking Necessary

I am normally against spanking ,till today morning. I was in the bus to go to office on the bus was a lady arabic good educated and her daughter 5 years
Daughter cry and strike some time her mother. I said" what happened" the mom said" Sarah have lose her key ring with mickey mouse". I said" whe shall look downstair" but we did not find the mother said" I thing she lose on street" the girl her name Sarah made a crisis and made express falling in middle on bus and after she give foot strikes in the bus chairs. Her mom sai"d sarah please" she cry" no no mom it is your mistake" I said" Sarah keep quite my dear cool with mom!" she reply" no I never put me calm or quiet. After was the stop the mom and baby go out of bus . This time I think a spanking was justified!!!!
One day after I see the lady again the baby was quiet I said why you not give her a small spanking she reply"I do not do that because my parents have too much spank me with hair brush of belt . I have too much suffered". But it is difference spank with hair brush or belt and 2 good smack with hands on buttocks a very naughty girl. Put your comment
boeing707 boeing707
56-60, M
Nov 26, 2012