I Am A 18 Year Old Mantnence Spanked Twice A Week By My Auntie

Hi my names kev. i'm 18 and my mum works full time. so my auntie mel,who is in her early thirties looks after me a lot(i have issues abt being on my own) Twice a week, at aunties,my second home,i spend abt 2-3 hours in the spare room(AND OUT) with auntie mel,caning me aNd strapping my bum. Always calmly,wen i'm across the tble getn my sunny bum caned,BUT being reminded that "if i cld be trusted to be good for mummy auntie mel would't have to be thrashing me,would she?"as she always asks-more of a statement! i'm lazy and slovenly and-you heard it here first. auntie often during these sessions,takes her small white belt off and chases me round the house in my boxers,snapping my behind with it and if i aint dun my chores-(which,honestly are a matter of cmmon decency wen i half live there-kp room tidy,wash up etc)-then she spanks me with belt and lectures me while i'm doing em. i've had this,at my full agreement since i was 15. At anytime i cld push auntie mel or mum away,easy peazy,im stronger physicly. I'm spoiled rotten by mum and auntie AND am sorry to say,kinda ashamed i guess,that i deserve my behind tanned-or having regular "tune ups" as my auntie and mum call em. i had nver heard the phrase"maintanance spanking" b4 i came on here. And if i'm honest and fink i'm going to be a brat 2 mum sometimes,say wen shes cuming 2 pki me up from her work,i tell auntie mel,who will always say somet like "lets see how u go" and smiles an 90% of the time will cheer me up without "assistance". but that odd time its over the arm off the sofa,drop em,and scolding and beltin,wif talk abt my poor mum. rarely,very rarely i do somet that,means i need a spanking punishment,more than a "tune up" b4 last nite,it had been over 2 years since mum and auntie mel had had 2 use one and bring out "the big guns" as i childishly say. thats why im sitting here at 2am,with a flaming behind doing this-and part 2's tommoro-the worse thing-the shame and heartache ive caused auntie mel and mum ): BUT this s a rarerity and maintanance they call it works
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Nov 29, 2012