Spanked My Stepdaughter A Couple Of Days Ago For Being Rude To Her Teacher.

The other day I was enjoying my day off from work. When I got a phone call from my stepdaughter's school principal.  Well she told me that my stepdaughter called her teacher a ***** and I was very upset about that.  So I told the principal when she gets home she'll be dealt with.  

A few hours went by and I waited for Linda to get home from school.  I had the little paddle that my fiancee and I use on her out and ready to use.  Well she comes walking through the door and saw me sitting on the couch with the paddle next to me and she knew she was in trouble.  I said Linda Marie Johnson, come here right now.  

She did the usual, looking down at the floor, I gave her a lecture on why she shouldn't use bad language at school etc. etc.,   Then, I reached out and unfastened her jeans and pulled them and her white panties with flowers on them down to her ankles and I pulled her over my lap and gave her a warm up spanking with my hand.  I gave her 40 smacks total.  20 with my hand and 20 with the little paddle.  Her bottom was red after that, but when i was done spanking her I held her and cuddled her.  She would not leave my side till bedtime.  Even at dinner she was still snuggled up to me.  She didn't care if her bottom was bared or not.  She just loves being held no matter what.

Hope yall like the story.  No rude comments please.
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7 Responses Nov 30, 2012

Awww, I've gotta say that this story of yours is quite a loving one, and describes a parent and child's attitude the way they both should be after discipline like this is given!

I've been hoping and praying lately, that a friend of mine will start relating to her daughter just like you described, should her daughter earn anymore spankings like she has in the previous few months. I think it would be very good for her daughter (and herself as well), if she treated her the way you did your step - daughter after disciplining her. Sure hope she starts doing it too!

You are a good stepdad. She deserved it, and she didn't receive that many. Now she will think twice before sassing a teacher.

hw old she??

This sounds like a spanking given with love. That she wanted to cuddle and didn't care if she was still bare says she is comfortable with you.

Does your wife give you permission to spank her daughter?

Kids need their butts tanned once in a while! She will thank you some day!

She definitely deserved it!