Spanking Not Nessecary?

99% of the time it not necessary I have never really spanked my kids. They used to be awfully behaved but the twins are fine now. Even though we are still working on Kendall their improvement it only back chatting and attitude and being spoil. She had misbehaved all week and four a hour she had to do everybody chores and then she could not go and see Twilight breaking dawn. She was pretty upset because it was the last one but she going too see it with another group of her friends and talking about the problem works well, Because now she realizes she will not always get her own way and if she talks about the situation instead of flipping off at someone else it better.
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2 Responses Dec 1, 2012

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Sometimes it is! The only thing that ever got my attention as a kid was a spanking!

Me too.

Me also.