I know sometimes I just deserve one.
girlfaith girlfaith
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7 Responses Dec 7, 2012

I love a good spanking.

I know I know. I was already here .. So what? I can't obsess ? 😊
.. Gotta stop at the store on my way home ,, I need bigger jeans

Oh for god sakes ! Stop getting sexier with each story ! 😊❤️

Spanking is good for a girl.

Now who could ever spank a sweet woman like you?!!

you deserve a lot of them liar.

Hey now 58s, watch out who you calling a liar!

i just thought i'll throw a monkey in there. do i really know girlfaith. i only said something because it was your statement anyway.

I hope ya get a tingly one then!! :D

Nice and rosey red *winks*

The best kind!! ;)