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This story is about my son Johnathan(13, and of course john is short) well we had some family members over for a sort of reunion if you will and everyone was enjoying them selves and then john, Alex( my nephew from my sister), Andy(from my brother), and Mason(from my other brother)sneak off into the woods and nobody noticed( bad parenting on our part. :() until about a hour later when their all dragged home by a very angry neighbor who explained that they had coaxed his son into smoking and found them all smoking in his shed, and then (thi sis the really odd part) right in front of my entire family right in the living room with everybody there proceeded to strap his son until he was apparently dark red(i had looked away as did most but my uncle the very odd man watched) and then left to his home with his son and my brothers taking that to mind led my nephews( Andy and Mason) off to the shed on the property and that's all i know of that my other nephew Alex received much the same.So i took Johnathan to what used to be my room and explained to him that what he did was very wrong and could cause long term damage to his lungs and that he was going to be spanked for it.I started by giving him 8 with my hand and then i gave him 10 with my belt and at the end it was noticeable that he was quite sorry, and for the rest of the reunion they all sat very awkwardly.
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Was everyone shocked that was in the room when the neighbor started spanking his son? How did the neighbor get his son to take down his pants and did he take down the boxers too below the knee or take them off totally? How embarrassing for the boy and I bet the others were real red faced and embarrassed watching? Did the other boys beg not to be spanked?

All four of them should have gotten it bare in font of each other? Did you hear or see the others get spanked? Did any get it bare and the boy that got spanked first did his dad spank him bare or with belt over clothes? How did your son react and how old we're all the nephews and cousins.

OMG The neighbors boy got it bare in front of everyone too in the living room? what was his name and I guess he was 13 too? Did his father tell him to drop his pants and beer wear right there n front of everyone, including the other 4 boys and did everyone watch the spanking. I bet the boys if the watched had dropped their jaws and were hoping they were not going to be next in the living room. Cynthia did you watch and see that boys spanking and is one of the boys your son or what relation are you to all the boys. Had the neighbor started puberty yet and had any hair growing there yet?

Had the boys spanked first started puberty and

Ad poor Alex the oldest, did he get it bare too and in wha room was he spanked and everyone heard him crying and hollering too. Who spanked him and was anyone else n the room when he was spanked. Who spanked the other boys and was it n,y their fathers that was in the room spanking each one n private?

Were you shocked when the four boys and neighbors son was brought over and was the neighbor yelling a lot? What did he say to his son and how did he end up spanking him right in your living room? Did he tell him to pull down his pants and underwear right in front of the four boys and you and the rest of your family? That would be so embarrassing. I was spanked bare bottom by my aunt and mom till I was 15 and that sucked cause it was always bare bottom and I ended up screaming and crying and jumping around after the spanking was over? What did the neighbors boy do after the spanking?

Had you seen all of your nephews spanked at one time or another and until what ages were they spanked and until what age did you spank your son? Was Alex spanked in front of everyone that time or was he spanked in private and lastly how did you know your nephews were spanked bare bottom in the woodshed, did your brother tell you or did you hear or see it? Hope you dont mind the questions.

I also agree a jock strap on all and a spanking with that on in front of everyone would have worked well and preserved some modesty.

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Wel for what the boys did it was wrong and got what was deserved. Next time have them wear a jockstrap and a good paddling with a kexan paddle will do the trick.

You did the boy a favor, and someday I'm sure he'll thank you for it.