Getting Started

This was the first time I spanked someone for real. I was seeing my long distance girlfriend for the first time in a few months. After the 30 minute drive from the airport, we headed directly to the bedroom. We began as we usually did, kissing, touching and undressing. Soon she was only wearing her t-shirt, leaning over me. My hand slid to her *** and squeezed. She giggled and suddenly, I felt devious.

I lightly swatted her *** and she squeaked, then grinned at me. I smiled back, trying not to let my idea show in my eyes. My right hand caressed her face, and when she closed her eyes, I slid my fingers down side of her neck. Then my left hand spanked her *** again, harder. This time she gasped.

I kept going, alternating each cheek, and I heard her breathing get heavier. I slid out from under her, grabbed her shoulder and forced her face down to the pillow. I began to spank her again, and I spoke.

“Do you like that, you dirty little girl?”

“Yes yes yes,” she gasped.

I stopped spanking and positioned myself behind her. I reached down to touch my **** and found it almost painfully hard. Spanking her and hearing the way she reacted excited me. Terribly. I slid my fingertips over the lips of her *****. Wet. Very wet. The control I had over her body gave me a dangerous pleasure, like a horror movie or a rollercoaster. It made me feel powerful and in control. I knew I needed more.

I moved my fingers to her **** piercing and tugged it. She began to moan. I slapped her *** again.

“What do you want dirty girl?”

“...mmmm I want it....”


“What do you want?”

“I want...I want...”


“You have to ask for it before I give it to you.”

“Oh God **** meeeee...”

I spanked her again, once on each cheek. Then I slid my **** into her.

It was the first time I ****** her from behind. I grabbed her waist and pounded her as hard as I could. I would smack her *** every few minutes. Her ***** always tightened as I did, which gave me a perverse satisfaction. Eventually I slid out. I lay down on the bed and she wrapped her lips over the tip of my ****. She sucked the head as I stroked the shaft. Soon, I spurted into her mouth and she greedily slurped it down as I gripped the back of her neck.

She soon slid up and rested her head on my chest. After our breathing slowed, she smiled at me.

“That was wild,” she said.


“Let's take it easy for a while though. I'm not going to be able to sit down for a week.”


As she walked to the bathroom, I saw her buttocks were a bright, angry red. I smiled and felt my **** twitch.

spaceagebachelor spaceagebachelor
26-30, M
Jan 15, 2013