Just Started Dd

Well my husband and I have discussed this for months now and very interested in dd main reason I'm out of control have been the whole time been together since 2007. We got married 11 months later I completely try to run things and have been charged for threatening and just mouthy and very rude not threatening him other people and also because of my attitude I'm made leave public places. I'm actually 31 and so is he so the other day not expecting it he said its time I'm put in line.. I was mouthy all day I always aggravate him and just plain mouthy so he made me get over his knee panties on spanked me with his hand about 10 times wow that hurt then slid my panties in my bum crack and spanked me with a paddle till I cried it hurt bad today we had appointments and my butt still sore he told me no bs at all cuz every time I flip my lid he even asked do you want me to remind you before we leave I assured him I'd behave.. First part was awesome but on my way home I bagan to be mouthy when I got in the door he pulled out the paddle told me to take me jeans down and lay across the bed face down I pleaded he said now, so Isis what he asked he spanked me in my panties with the paddle 20 times hard then he sat down the whole time I said sorry and cried when he sat down cradled me and said I warned you I said yes I'm sorry am I done before I knew it I was ohk face down and panties right down he spanked me with his hand so bad it burned and I grunted and cried and cried then he told me it will take a week or two to take this mouthing outta me and if he has to will spank me everyday till I learn.
Hipshaker31 Hipshaker31
26-30, F
Jan 15, 2013