Spanking Really Works For Some

I have spanked women for approximately 40 years. During that time, I am convinced the spanking does work for some women but NOT all.

Spanking is fast and effective on the bare bottom for discipline. Being spanked and have the feelings last for a couple of days drives into the conscious and keep reminding on and on and on. This builds remembrances.

Yes some who get spanked have their memories become foggy in time but there is still and ounce of memory there and why they were spanked.

Spanking has also been used to release tension, anxiety, stress, and guilt. This also satisfies one's conscious that correction has been given or released the feelings of being suppressed

I truly believe that spankings can be effective pending upon the attitude of the spankee. If the spankee feels it is a punishment for is. If the spankee is here to help release those bad is.

Maintenance spankings can be a reminder of staying on track or just remembrances. I can help with this

I am in Columbus Ohio so if I may help you contact me
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Would love to hear from anyone who thinks a 27 year old woman is NOT too old for a good spanking....

I for one would say "your never to old for a spanking". I have spanked adult women of many ages. Problems arise, tension builds, attitudes gets strained, and naughty things happen...all needs addressed. A good spanking can help release, set one straight, and make one feel better about themselves.

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for me when I am spanked my spanker forgives me and I must write to the spanker if I have learned from it. I feel by doing that I write from my heart and I learn what I have done wrong will be righted.

Very well stated. Thank you

Do they work more for you... or for them?? Not to be disrespectful, but why do you think you're right?

I do, however, agree with everything you just said.

I believe it works for both of us. I have spanked a long time and rejoice when I see it work and have it change women or be effective in what it is intended to do.

I can't say if it is works better for them or not because each has been different with different wants and different outcomes. However, most have reached their goals.

How do I persuade my husband to allow me to go more do more fun things? I love that he is in control however I need me some me time with other adults and enjoy each other not the ones that he picks. After reading one of your other storys, I was thinking is my actions because i did not receive spanking as a child, I have only receive a few and they were not really spankings.

What you are asking is tough. I do believe in communication but possibly hint to your husband how you like ...... and enjoy her. I would suggest to keep on mentioning it but don't elaborate unless he commands you to defy him.

If he doesn't know them, have her come over to meet your husband. Perhaps if she is around some, he might begin to like her.

I received spanking I think they work however sadly I think I need more spanking. When I receive them Oh I am very good for a couple of day. Not understanding why do I allow myself to break rules and I know if the HOH finds out I am going to be in trouble. I use to be able to go with friends more, Now when I ask or make a comment about me going with some friends he has a problem with it. There is only about 3 friends of mines which i must say there husbands are friends with him as well. why do I keep making the same mistakes do you know?

I read your other comment as well.
You enjoy life and it seems you want to live on the cutting edge and see how far you can go and enjoy that. You have been spanked for doing certain things but you keep on doing them because you want to see how far you can push or be excited about doing them with out being caught and spanked for them.

I have had the same instance form a woman who like to speed. She didn't know why but knew she need to be accountable but defied the accountability.

This is not uncommon.