My Son And His Friend.

Now before anyone says anything my son has been spanked at his friends house many times before and his friend David has been spanked at my house before, they have my permission, and I have their permission

So a few weeks ago my son John-14 had his friend David-14 over and it was a weekend, so I let them stay up a little later than usual, well at one I told them to go to bed, they did, I come back at 2 because I heard the T.V and once again ask them to go to bed, well a hour later at 3 when I get up to go to the bathroom, I notice that their in John's room playing Halo-4 so I go in and tell them that it was their last chance and to go to bed. well a hour later I hear them whispering loudly and I go in and find them, of course, playing Halo-4 so I tell them that I had warned them and told them to go to bed 3 times and that now a spanking was in order and told them to wait in John's room(my actual words were "Wait here" because it was in johns room) I went downstairs and got some coffee and a wooden spoon (I had never used a wooden spoon before so I decided to use it) well when I came in with that David looked like I had given him a death sentence because that's what his mother spanked him with, so I talk for a bit about why they were going to be spanked and what they should've done, then I told them to take down their boxers, naturally they begged but I said no. First up was John, I gave him 14 whacks with it, one for every year of his age.Then was David who got 14 whacks as well, by the end they were both crying and rubbing their bums, I scooped them up into a bear hug(Note:David is like a second son to me, he calls me his second dad) and held them there until they stopped crying and explained what could have been done to prevent what happened and what they should've done, then put them both to bed, David has been over for the night several times since and I have yet to have another problem with him.
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Sounds like you handled the situation well. The spankings sound perfectly appropriate for the disobedient mischief that is typical of that age. Nothing too terrible but a sharp lesson. I think it is also good for parents to be able to discipline house guests that are frequent and stay overnight. Although they have been spanked together before, I'm sure it was something of a bonding experience for the boys. Misery loves company after all.

It's to bad they had to learn a lesson the hard way like that

Has David's mom spanked your son too as a teenager and observed him bare ***? How did you know David was spanked bare with a spoon by his mom did David say anything when you told him to take down the boxers and did they fall off at all any rubbing or spanking dance afterw rads.

Was that the first time you had to spank David? Has your wife ever spanked some of the friends of your son and has she spanked your son bare bottom before? How far down did the boxers come and were they both embarrassed getting it bare bottom instead of over boxers? Was that the last bare bottom spanking your son got?