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Can't Get What I Want

Ok, I am a regular, educated, classy woman.  I have been married, divorced, and have had two other

long term relaitonships.  I cannot get a man to take me seriously when I say,  " I want you to spank me," 

I wear sexy lingerie and am sweet and demure ... even bitchy at times, but I cannot not matter what I do

get a man to take me over his knee, pull off my panties, and make my *** red.  What gives and why> 


juliaclaire juliaclaire 51-55 59 Responses Feb 17, 2009

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wow I have no idea what your going through.. I have been a spanker for many yrs.. i love putting the lady over my knees, pulling her panties down and letting my hand or my little leather flogger kiss each cheek till the redness rises up like two glowing globes

You need to find a way to insert spanking into a conversation early on and see his reaction - something like "these kids today are so bad their mothers need to be spanked," or perhaps mention that someone you know got a spanking from her boyfriend and see what his reactions are. If he's at all interested you can find a way to get a spanking; if he isn't move on.

I think it is a shame you can't find someone to share your desire! I would oblige you in all respects!

Well, the key is, stop dating non dominant men.. The issue is woman have been around such vanilla men, that they have had to take care of so many things on their own, they tend to draw wimpy men due to the strength they project.

That give me "pause to consider". My current g/f is not really dominant (neither am I), but she has been on her own for a long time. Hmmmmmmmmm.

<p>I'd ***** you naked and then give you a spanking to remember, I wouldn't stop until your *** was bright red !</p>

If you ever come to France I will gladly spank you if you would then spank me ! I'd love to turn your little *** bright red !

most men have been with woman who assume spanking is foreplay, and for erotic play, not a true discipline session where sex is usually not a part of it. show him some pictures of a true red bottom and tell him you want that, and dont stop till you cry.

When I told my husband to spank me I got an erotic one. I didn't like it. He had said perhaps playfully that he would make my butt red. I said to him, "You lied to me". Perhaps implying he's a liar struck a nerve because he got painfully serious and I didn't protest, I just ended up begging him to stop. I like his more serious side. Lol. After that night I couldn't sit comfortably for days. I look forward to another.

I am in a long-term relationship, and she is afraid of spanking.
I would love to spank you. I would have you over my lap, and keep your panties on for a few whacks. I would use my bare hands. Of course, to indulge my own fetish, I would spread your cheeks, and play with your ******* while you had your panties on.
Then I would pull off your panties, presenting your butt I would spank you hard enough so it would sting my hands, and make your a.s.s. bright red. Love to see your butt quiver and shake. I would have your p.ussy right over my d.ic.k, and would push up against you.
That would be fun !

Go easy @ first then after a few sessions over your knee, start out easy and slowly get harder. Play Jacobs ladder. You pick a number between 10 and 50 start out with a light tap and each swat gets harder have her count the numbers when she is @ her pain threshold she needs to shout that number till she says the number in a quiet voice. She will learn to love it if you make love after wards. See I had a Hysteromcty and the only way I can get excited about sex is to have my butt spanked or read stories about it....

You have found the wrong men!!!! Hot and red is how I would leave you!!!

let your man check out all the sites you are on a show videos my husband found mine and after 26 years together I am now getting spanked and he is really enjoying it as am I

I'd be happy to spank you if you're around NJ. I've given spankings that ranged from love taps to where she couldn't sit down for s couple of days. Been a long time.

As a man in the reverse position as it were...for years I found it hard to find a woman who wanted to be spanked. then as I got older I got more interested in being punished myself. It took a good few years before my current wife could really get into it but she has learned to appreciate the chance to take out her frustrations by giving me a spanking and caning. I love it. Perserverance and mutual understanding seems to be the answer!

Next time you're in bed with a lover...

"Julie's been naughty" might get his attention..."Julie needs a spanking"...might get a response..!

Spanking is so intimate to the spankee. , When one feels the need for it, it is a shame that your need isn't met!!! Sorry again for not being closer....if your around Columbus, me

well were you closer I would love to help you out lol. Seriously, it all sounds very healthy and happy and sexy to me. Really. Who is to say what is right or wrong among adults? Think about it. Women are to act this way men this way. That is why we are all so darn happy, right? Wrong.
Just keep asking for what you want and eventually you will get it. :)

Never could understand why men won't help their wives when asked.

Perhaps in the days which I grew were to protect woman and the "Man code" was not to hit a woman which might carry over. While others feel the woman should grow up and not be treated as a child(don't agree)

I am a disciplinarian and have spanked women for 40 years. I must admit that many of the women I have worked with had the same problem but felt it needed to be done. So I can relate to your frustration.

That won't do Chuck. if Juliaclaire's men don't want to spank her, trying to make them do it won't do their relationship any good.

Difficult to find a sensible answer to a question like yours on a thread obviously devoted to spankophiles, but you must appreciate that everyone has his or her own tastes in erotic play, and the men you've met may simply have disliked spanking.

Sounds great! In the past I have spanked some of my students,go for it.

I'm not sure how to take women who claim they can't get a guy to spank her. It seems easy... say "spank me".... it's a turn on. lol

If u told me I would not have a problem spanking u over my knee n make your butt red n hot wish u were here :) id spank that butt for u :) ty spnkbooty!

If u told me I would not have a problem spanking u over my knee n make your butt red n hot wish u were here :) id spank that butt for u :) ty spnkbooty!

I fully understand your needs. I am sure the right opportunities are actually out there. It's the quiet inidividuals who are more likely to accomodate your needs. The noisy one's do not offer any real action.

strange idea

I don't what people say if a girl wants a hard spanking then she shouldn't have to ask a second time she should be spanked as she deems necessary for herself and if I ever had a chance to spank you you won't be able say that you have never been spanked hard enough ever again

Well I do not know what to answer you maybe they are afraid to hurt you. But then again you know what you are asking for right you want someone to pull down your pants and underwear put you over there knee and spank you very very hard punishment style right they are not to stop until your bum is fire engine red. whether you cry or not that does not matter because some people can take a lot of pain right.

I am Nigerian. You should go to my country. You would have no shortage of men to whip you.

Id be more than happy to spank you. I find it hard to believe that <br />
you are having trouble finding a man for this.

My slipper still awaits, and I would like to be on the receiving end as well, though maybe not in the same session.