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Hey guys,

I wish for all those who know there is more to life than what we are taught and see, to have the chance to gain the knowledge required for you to become free and all that u can be.

Religion and many people at power have used mind control and fear to manipulate us and keep us inside this bubble where lies have become truth and deceit and fear are the main tools that suppress us ,

You can make the most primitive minds understand that all that has come into being is not by chance and billions of permutations but intent and with purpose. . Nothing can come from nothing no matter how much these atheists rave at the idea of God and try to prove through their science of how everything came into being. The laws of physics were implemented by someone greater than the forces of the universe,. It is not the angry vengeful jealous God that will send you through even more pain than experienced here on earth. That is but an idea created by men to enslave people into fear and obedience

We have to be honest, Is our creator less loving and forgiving then the best of mankind and we can all agree there have been
people possibly even in ur life that have done great things for others .

I dont know God personally and i dont even know if he is there but we all have something within all of us that is divine,, im not talking about the conditional love that so many including I, have been slaves of,, the kind of love where u feel u are not enough, where its i love you but only if u live up to my expectations..
no its the kind that you first give to yourself and let that nourish your personal needs
then suddenly there is room for others and u can really see the difference between real love and attachment

loving someone means setting them free, understanding them and putting them first and that can be done after dealing with oneself,

its like when u feel someone elses pain and u step in to help not hoping for a reward but to ease ur own pain comes when you really feel others.

similarly you can step in when u urself are in a bad situation,
STep in and understand yourself, look at your life through the eyes of love and you will put an end to that inner voice that has taking ur power away..

If you want to see a better world then u know that love is the only way, You know that love is the only cure . Muslims or christians can say all they want, if u dont do this or that u go to hell, Well i say **** any god who will condemn me for making mistakes in a world that cant set a proper example for anyone.
whether there is a god or not we are all brothers and sisters and there is a greater bond between us than DNA or family blood,

But for now we are merely physical beings because we have forgotten our spirituality, the essence that we are deep inside,

i might have said a few things u agreed with or disagreed but i do not mean to ruin anyones religion or faith but to empower it, strengthen it,

www.love-themeaningoflife.com Is the website that has giving me alot of tools that i can use on myself, and whatever change is made starts within.
Williamlove1 Williamlove1
May 4, 2012