That Old Fart Freddie.

A little over sixty miles from where I live is the city of Topeka, Kansas. Within Topeka, surrounded by a tall chain-link fence, is the Westboro Baptist Church, pastored by the homophobic Fred Phelps. Although I disagree with Freddie and his followers(80% of the congregation of WBC are part of the expanded family), they do have a constitutional right to express their beliefs. How they go about expressing their beliefs is a crime in my opinion, sadly these are not crimes punishable by law. This group travels extensively throughout the the nation which God supposedly hates, to picket funerals of soldiers killed while in service. Their deaths are celebrated by Freddie's followers as God's punishment for their service to a nation that is tolerant of homosexuality. It has to  deeply disturbing to the families of the deceased servicemen to hear the taunts of Freddie's followers during a time of great sadness. Previously they concentrated their efforts to funerals of those dying from AIDs related illnesses.
I once asked a resident of Topeka if that fence was erected by the city in an effort to keep Freddie and his followers confined within their compound. God may love Freddie, but the old fart is not making it easy.

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1 Response May 17, 2012

OMG!! It is abominable that in this day and age, we hear of such incidents! I'm all for homosexual people... Other people have a right to disagree, but honestly, don't you think there are bigger problems in the world? Dare Freddie take on the drug-lords and terrorists and organized crime and human-trafficking rings? No way... he will pick on dead gay men because he perceives them to be weaker. What he is doing is called 'bullying' - plain and simple. Sadly, not all bullying is illegal. He doesn't even have the courtesy of sparing their close relatives on the funeral day! If a Biblical God does exist, I'm sure Freddie will have a bigger punishment than the gay soldiers. Moreover, the reason Freddie still has his liberty and freedom of speech is because the soldier gave up his life to protect the country. Can't he see that?