This Is Abuse

Hello dear one, Please let me introduce myself.  My name is Jenny and I am a Domestic Abuse, Survivor, Advocate and Abuse Shelter Case Worker.

Your Partner is showing very controlling behaviors with you! If you are new to the relationship, I suggest you reconsider being with this person.  Chances are the jealousy will or has not stopped just with the bar scene. 

Abuse is all about power and control over someone else.  I STRONGLY suggest you read up on Domestic Abuse/Violence!  There are some great web sites out there that will explain the issue to you.  I would here but it can be quite complex.  Abusive behaviors grow over time.  This can happen very quickly into a relationship or creep up on you over the years.  The sooner a person gets out of the relationship, the easier it is to leave because years of emotions have not been invested into the relationship.

A person that is old enough to go to a bar, should not be told by another adult they are not ALLOWED to go.  You are an adult, not a child who should be told what you can and can not do.

Believe me my dear, there are a lot of good guys out there but this one does not sound worthy of your companionship!

I have been married to a guy like this and also dated one.
I have permanent brain damage because of the guy I dated for only 2 months. 
Again, I suggest to check out abuse web sites, see if any of the descriptions of abuse apply to your situation and then do what your gutt tells you to do.

Good luck and be careful!
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May 11, 2007