My Mom Never Lets Me Go to Par...

My mom never lets me go to parties. I hate her for that. I always feel like I am missing out on so much, and I am. I am afraid that when I get older I will have no stories to tell.
killthejill killthejill
18-21, F
4 Responses Jul 23, 2007

You mom may be looking out for your safety, but she's doing a poor job of it. She is going to succeed in teaching you to be less than honest, and you will therefore get to your share of parties, and you'll have a blast, and you'll have plenty of stories to tell, but I'm sure you won't tell them to your mother, and if they're really good, and if you're lucky they will be, you may not want to tell them to anyone anyway.

hey bird, I guess your right. but i still want good drunken memories to have when I get older....

You are a very beautiful women, your mom was just looking out for your safety, considering the world we live in.

Well, you might always just end up being a total wild thing when you become your own person and go to as many parties, clubs and bars as you wish! :D Then you'll have *plenty* of stories to tell ;) In the meantime, learn how to make cocktails! Or dance. Or tell wicked funny jokes?