Im Allowed to Do Whatever I Wa...

Im allowed to do whatever I want- thats what great about being grown ( );
Lizzymt Lizzymt
26-30, F
1 Response Feb 16, 2007

Well, there has to be some benefits in getting older! I had my belly button pierced at the tender age of 41 as a gift for the man I adore. He told me he thinks navel piercing are very appealing and, whilst he didn't ask me to have it done he kind of alluded to it. At first, I wasn't sure because I have a bit of a pudgy tummy these days and I certainly don't show it off. Then I thought "what the heck - I will soon know if he really does love my body!" and I went ahead. Yes, I know you should only do things like that for yourself rather than someone else but I decided he would probably enjoy the novelty and then get over it and it doesn't have to be permanent! That was 4 years ago and he still loves it and I have a collection of bars and rings to suit every occasion. It actually makes me feel very feminine and other than my man and my children nobody else has seen my pudgy tummy with it's piercing!