...or Even See Her Naked

Because of my tiny penis which couldn't ever satisfy Her, and because of past misbehavior, my Hotwife doesn't let me have any kind of sexual pleasure without Her permission while She dates all the time and has an active sex life. If i'm good, i can ********** occasionally under Her supervision.
She keeps me in thick diapers taped tightly on so i can't touch myself without Her knowing about it. What She does do that i absolutely LOVE is She strokes my hair sometimes (and i'm like a lap dog when She does) and She kisses me on the cheek or forehead and i'm on cloud nine! Understand that She is gorgeous and sexy and now that She dresses in sexy clothes all the time i am sooo proud of Her. i just love being Her househubby...especially when She gives me that kind of affection!
The other thing is that now that She has changed Her "look" from frumpy (pre-Hotwife days) to sexy She won't let me see Her unless She's fully clothed. What used to be our master suite is now all Hers, and i have my own small bedroom. Her suite is strictly off limits when She is in there, and even when She's not i can only go in when i have something to do in there.
She told me a while ago that She's had Her nipples pierced and that She had gold rings through them...something She did for her girlfriend. But recently She said She was just kidding...but that She might have Her breasts enlarged. Now i don't know what to believe but as She says...it's none of my business any more.
househubbi househubbi
51-55, M
May 18, 2012