Proud Marine Wife

Well My husband Deployed a week ago and I still Have not cried i mean i do  have my moments to where i wanna break down but i dont..I cant im 38wks pregnant now and i dont want to stress out Our baby.and i got to be strong for our older son and keep our house in shape.

I feel so bad that i dont cry cuz i have a friend whos husband deployed two days ago and she cried her eyes out but then she has a guy she talks to here who is also a Marine which is hella scandales....Anyway im surrounded by alot of these women and dont get me wrong there are a few good wifes and im one of them...I would never hurt my husband he is out there putting his life on the line to keep our family save and the other people in this world who think negative of Marines.


Anyway should i really be feeling bad that i have not cried for my Husband??or is it Good that im Being Strong??  

MrsAguon MrsAguon
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1 Response Mar 19, 2009

i think its normal and i see you as been strong. If this was his first deployment, then yes. But you also have someone inside of you that will always remind things about him. So i see that as a blesing. Plus when you get those moods, he will be thankful he wasn't around. I had to endure that when my wife was pregnant. When you will cry, it will be for no reason at the wrong time, and it won't be just cause your pregnant. It could be at the redlight, and something will trigger a fond memory about him, and you will bal out in tears, while people next to you thinks your crazy. :)