Not Anymore

I've had enough. A coworker and I worked on this document last year and now it's starting to gain traction. Initially I was getting my fair share of the credit for my contribution, now that this document is being seen by upper management, the coworker gets to present it to them. I've got my own work to do and it's keeping me busy enough that I can choose not to have anything to do with this coworker as far as contributing to anything he could be involved with. He may ask me for help but from now on but I'm going to be too busy to help.

I'd really like to sabotage him, which is against how I work. He's going to present this document to a group of people who are at our level. It will be a conference call. I'm considering dialing in and not announcing myself to hear if he mentions me at all if part of the presentation turns to who worked on this document. Doing this makes me uncomfortable but I want to know how much of a b****** he is.
Morgause Morgause
41-45, F
Jul 8, 2010