Sometimes I Am A Biotch.

I am generally a nice person but there are certain things that will cause me to become such a biotch that you will swear you never knew me. Cruelty to those less fortunate than ourselves is one thing that really gets me going; so what if I person doesn't have the same financial means as we do that is no reason to look down on them and to make fun of them. When I see this happen I get biotchy and I have to come to the defense of the one that is being criticized. I also get upset when others make fun of those that are mentally/ physically challenged or those with a mental illness. This is close to home for me and again you have not known a biotch until you have known me if you make fun of these persons. Lastly, if you cause pain to me or mine I become very mean in those scenarios and hell hath no fury like a fungirl that is angry because someone is f*cking with my friends.  If this bothers you then you may not want to add me but I won't lose any sleep over it. 
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8 Responses Aug 8, 2010

Ahhhh but what if it is really funny? with smiles all around?


All perfectly good reasons to become a blotch.!!!

Awwww I am glad to be here.

I'm so glad you're back! Yay!

:) I love you my friend.

:) Awww you are just biased because you are my friend and know I carry a gun. lol

Good Girl..Now stay that way!! The world could use more people that think like you. *SMILE*