I Wish I Was But.....

Sometimes I just prefer to lay back and let her "do the talking" so to speak. I want to dominate her but I she has too many walls up! I want to break them down but not push her away with my aggressiveness. I have tied her before and SHE even bought one of those under the bed restraint systems....but the last time I move the mattress she took it off and put it away. Yeah maybe it's time pull it out again....but I'm not sure. I wish she would be more open with me and tell me what she wants other then "your **** in me"! I'm tired of hearing that! I want to ravage her! almost rape her even...but like I said...without pushing her away.

wetmainefly wetmainefly
31-35, M
1 Response Aug 4, 2010

She needs to be raped, dude.