I Am Very Lady Like ...... and I have a working Brain

As a woman and now as a Mother,. I am trying to set a good example for my daughter of what a woman  can accomplish in iife. We can be professionals, mothers, artists, writers, nurturers, thinkers, seekers and lovers. None of these qualities are exclusive of one another.

I think I represent many modern women. I am a single mother of one, working on my own , and trying very hard to accomplish all my personal and professional goals. I would very much like to have a partner in my life with whom I can share a romantic relationship with but I dont see it as the end all be all of my life. I dont need another person to complete me as a human being.

I am very serious and passionate about my principles and beliefs but I am constantly looking for answers to the many questions I ask myself everyday.I am very eager to learn and understand the world about me and I know this is a never ending process. I enjoy the light side of life, as well, I think it is nice to be able to let your hair down, and be silly and goofy and funny and spontaneous , too.

I think I have a mix of both in my life, the serious side and the lighter one. However, I have noticed that when I show my more serious side, the one where I express my concern about serious topics and /or verbalize my opinions about them , I am labeled as not too feminine , or lady-like.

And I dont get that. Why does a woman stop being feminine for speaking her mind? Aren´t her opinions a reflection of her femininity as well ?. Why do we have to pretend we have no brains, no opinions and no importance whatsoever, in order to meet the expectations of our society ?

I think it is very lady-like to respect ourselves, to have dignity, to feel equal, to stand for our rights and to  feel we are whole as human beings.

The image of women as mentally and physically weak human beings is ridiculous and unfair and it doesnt reflect the reality of what a real woman is like.


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5 Responses Feb 14, 2009

Give me a strong, intelligent, independent, creative woman any day of the week. Or male friend for that matter. You can keep your airheads and himbos. I want someone who will keep me on my toes and challenge me to be the best I can be.

Some men -and women!- are threatened by strong women. Instead of being seen as successful, accomplished or assertive, she may be viewed as an aggressivea b*tch. If we look back over the last 40 years, we really have made some progress. Hopefully by the time your daughter is grown, the stigma will have softened and we can just "be" without all the negative labels.


I agree! I have often wondered this same thing. Why when women question, we are seen in business as threatening, or non-ladylike?? We shouldn't have to play to that stereotype. When men do this - they are forward thinkers, progressive, etc. I guess society will (unfortunately) continue to think of our generation of women as 'unladylike' while we do this. <br />
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It is great that you are teaching your daughter this.

im not always lady like either but thats ok!