I Am Human, After-all!

Yep, I do admit... I am positive MOST of the time! But I do have my moments, just like everyone else. There are times when I want to growl and curse out the world! Mostly, as I am trying to quit smoking... so on some days, I am just really agitated and negative. But, it never lasts for more than a few hours. ;-)

And then there are some days, when things do not go the way I had planned... I do get sulky, folding my arms, and grumbling. And then there are situations that sometimes come along, and I think the worse of it, throwing myself into panic. These are all negative things. But, hey, it happens to everyone. Or it should! It's not healthy for a person to be positive 100% of the time. Or so, this is what I think. =p

But as long as a person doesn't let the negativity take over and control their lives for months, even years, at a time. I've been there before and it lead nowhere, except for down the path to self destruction! But, it's pretty normal to have a short negative episode, every now and then. It's part of life. :-D

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Mar 9, 2009