my actions are not always the best but i am also human! i get carried away sometimes but that is me. i guess that is part of life. this i s a good place for people to come on here and be able to come out of their shells and this much is true!

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Thanks Josie!

Thanks for saying this. I really know it covers me too.

thanks to all of you you are great!!

This comment box serves as a safe-haven.<br />
In this box I invite myself to grope your thoughts<br />
and I'm not always proud of my expectations <br />
nor my imagination<br />
as I probe and linger upon your text<br />
feeling your hesitation<br />
as your respond<br />
anticipating what will manifest<br />
as your fingertips stroke my eyes<br />
in the form of words.<br />
<br />
I too am not always proud of how I feel...<br />
however words are words <br />
we express them as best we can...<br />
I am however<br />
always true<br />
and never <br />
deny myself<br />
the words<br />
that my spirit gives birth to.<br />

hi flourlady.. you are my great friend and always love you ^_^