Americans are so serious, dramatic and a sense of humour has not been passed to them. This place is full of kick off always involving a dramatic American.
Can you not just chill and learn what a dry sense of humour is.
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Funny since we saved England's *** in WWII. LOL

Yeah you're right. Us Americans are all exactly the same. Every single one of us. No diversity.

I knew it

Dry Sense of Humor=Boring. You must be related to Buzz Killington :/

How did you know? Yes very boring

F you! America is for the brave. Cowards not welcomed!! HA HA HA.

Hmmm if rather be a coward in England than brave in America

I'll pretend you just didn't say that. But America has many cultures, it is the whole world in one country. Your country have bad taste in humor and dance. We got hip hop, rock n roll and barbecue. You got fish n chips and bad English. You people can't even speak English right.

Mmmmmmm fish and chips. And for your information we love doing BBQ in the summer! And normal people do not talk like the queen

don't try to defend your culture. you will not appease me or dissuade me. British girls suck anyways. they are a bore and have no rhythm, or sense of street style. just hush up Marry Poppins.

Street style? I'm all good for not being a "gangsta" thanks. What makes us boring anyway?

you're boring because your blonde.

Ah I see...... Thanks for clearing that up!

Hahaha okaaaaaaaaaay then

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the world isn't here to please you or humor you,get over yourself and stop spreading your negativity please

Are they not? Damn my mum always said I was the most important person...... Serious times! Get under yourself and stop spreading your mccriticness

if you start seeing the good in people you may have a happier life.good luck with that

You don't know me mr critic. I'm actually very nice. Anyway thanks for the advice I will let you know if it's been worth it

I sure you are nice when you want to be, like everyone else , even Americans

Oh I'm always nice my friend.... And I'm sure Americans are too. The ones I've come across lately though have been very serious and think they are put on the earth to put others in their place.
Just let people have a laugh

I have many many American friends and they are just like everyone else,depends what you choose to focus on , have a lovely day Ms Larsen!

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Not sure who you're talking to....but perhaps this is the reason a lot of people don't get me? I crack myself up....

I have absolutely no idea what your going on about........ Carry on

I hope you don't judge us all by the worst among us. Much love from a dry humored American :)

Of course not...they are just the ones that stand out. Much love too x