I Think Most People Are!

Is EP international or more like American website? Most of the people i see here are American... or maybe it's just me? :D Not that I have anything against that... just wondering. Other big part of people might be from UK, mhmm...


Thanks for EP for being here for us, it has proven very important to me... I have found a some AMAZING and SPECIAL people here...



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Sorry LordRobert, how can the Aussies be on top? We (the Pommies) are going to win the Ashes - so surely we are on top......... (very tongue in cheek) lol.<br />
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I used to go to an International school - many moons ago - this site reminds me of that, 50% American (north, south - includes Canada) and 50% the rest of the world. Just need to approach it with an open mind - then you can learn a lot.<br />
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I am from the UK - but want to move to America - the love of my life is 3800 miles away on Long Island and I miss her so much.

LOL :D good one!!! No you didn't make me feel stupid... :P

Oh, right!!! Lol!!

Who are Aussies?? I apologize for my stupidity :P

I know that there are... its not that i don't find them, or even search them... we talked about percentages here :)

Well, now you have ;)

I am from Estonia :P