I Sometimes Wish the Internet Was a Bit Less Us-centric

I suppose it is unavoidable when the internet was created by Americans! I'm grateful that they created it, but I would also like to meet more people from other areas of the world. Also, like other members, I don't always want people to assume I am American. Too many times when I have asked for small advice on-line I have been given useless answers because X service or product is only available in the USA and everyone assumes I am living there even if I have my nationality AND location appearing under my user name every time I post...

I'm another Brit, but I'm not living in the UK. So people have assumed I am Canadian when I lived there and people sometimes now assume I am French because I now live there. I'm not surprised though... if everyone is assuming all people using the internet are American I guess it would be difficult to grasp the idea of someone not living in the country their nationality would place them in!


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2 Responses Mar 24, 2009

well i would love to say i was american.. i am an aussie and i dont really feel the same as i used to being one... i am moving to los angeles at the end of the year to get away from here and yes i know i will be told america isnt much better but to me it is better than where i am now things are so expensive here in aus i pay $11.50 4 a pack of smokes where la is $3.49 big difference to me and i could go on and on with the prices in aus but i will be here for awhile, all i can say is everyone to there own i love america and no one can tell me other wise.. and most people on here know where i am from... after awhile i suppose they get a little confussed when my username is america1008...

I'm not American either, i was born and raised in Wales! and still living here. When i contribute stories here or my experiences,. fair play to people, they seem to know where i come from!. I look on the username, as you said! and where your from will give that.