I Prefer To Have A Soft Drink!

Born from a family and a culture that never really drink alcohol, the first time I tried red wine, I just thought it tasted horrible. It smelled nice, yes, but it burnt your throat and it left this bitter taste. Then in another friend's birthday party, I was given a glass a champagne which really, I was not interested to have more than a sip. I don't understand why people love to drink. You should love the taste when you like drinking something, but these things are just worse than, or maybe the same, like drinking medicine.
Then I moved to a country with high consumption of alcohol, and whenever I went to a nightclub, my friends will think I am being too conservative or weird by not drinking any (Well, I bought drinks in a few nightclubs, and all of them were so regretful. Now I know I just have to stick on getting water instead of alcohol).
Although the curiousity of being drunk is tempting (because then you will feel so free and happy), but without any drinks, I already dance like crazy, I already feel like I am in another world when I can be as wild as I want. So I still don't see the point of drinking.
If a drink could make me drunk, then it means that drink should taste reallly good.
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26-30, F
Aug 5, 2010