Ode To The Wine

When I drink I become a slave to Bacchus
I am filled with desire and the need to make love
Yet is it really love making in such an intoxicated state?
Who would remember or appreciate the little touches?

I look into the eyes of these drunken men evenly glistening with lust and primal need
And I pity them for their bleeding needs on the floor in my eye
Screaming "help me, just touch me, I don't care whether I am married or not, I just need that touch" not necessarily my or "your" touch
I just need to be TOUCHED by someone to feel alive...

Is it a sin to flirt?
Is it a sin to make people feel good about themselves?
Is it a sin to make men and women feel sexy?
Is it a sin to blow and inflame desire within their souls?

Is it a sin to make someone smile?
To make them feel attractive and seen by at least someone?
I got drunk and I remember each man I've touched...
And to this day they still remember that exhilarating feeling of walking on wings of butterflies...but only for a second to remember for eternity desiring to seek for and reach that same high over and over again....

If this is like drugs and something abominable in the eyes of God
So much for seeing the Light in all and making it breathe!!!!!!!
indigowitch indigowitch
22-25, F
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Love this