I Offer Myself Up To Those In Need

Some people are more needy than others........some will suck you dry of your energy or life force.

I help when I can but some are beyond help

It is sad

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5 Responses Mar 7, 2010

Gryfnn what a wonderful commentary on the healing possibilities utilizing the internet and social sites.<br />
Thank you for the insight

My new daughter-in-law----(My youngest son got married the first of this month) she told us tonite that she is a very clingy needy person... Both my son and I were surprised...she doesn't seem like that to us... She said, that the internet--her online friends and acquaintances-- give her so much attention that she doesn't "drain" her real life friends and family. It was an interesting insight., and a tribute to internet relationships.


Doing great...got my car back.... job is going well and am immersed in political fights on EP.... going normally I guess.......smiles

Hi OSS............ great to see you...........how are things with you?