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We are people not objects.  Sometimes I feel like an object.  There are nights when I'm tired, laying in bed and just want to go to sleep.  My boyfriend starts touching on me and feeling me up.  I am not his object that he can just feel any time he wants to. 

Saturday 10-22-2011 Update
I'm about 22 weeks pregnant and now weigh 130 pounds (only gained 8 pounds so far).  A couple nights ago I spent it at Tyler's home.  Before that the last time we seen each other was begining of June 2011. On Wed 6-29-2011 I found out I'm pregnant. Tyler and I have an intimate relationship for a little more than a year.  Arrived at his home around 11:30 the other night.  We sat on his couch and talked for a little bit.  We talked about how my body has changed so much since the last time we seen each other.   He said he had to get to sleep soon and told me to make myself comfortable.  I took some clothes off and got in his bed with my back to him.  He got in bed and put the covers over us.  Tyler turned towards me, put his arm around me and was feeling my stomach.  We commented about how it's a little bigger because of the pregnancy. At this point I was thinking this is sweet, it's a new experience for him.  Last time we saw each other I had a flat stomach and smaller chest.  He kept feeling my stomach, and touching top of my underclothes.   "Are you wearing booty shorts?" Tyler asked.  I said "no" and took the covers off to show him.  That move led me down an interesting road....
Anyway I'm still not an object even though my belly is getting bigger because of the growing baby.  People should not just all of a sudden start touching and feeling my stomach.  Yes I know they might be interested in pregnancy, but my stomach area is still mine.  Whatever happened to asking if they can touch my belly?  As I'm getting farther along I feel like I might be more protective.  My growing belly is not an object that strangers can just go and feel.

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My ex husband used to treat me like that, I know how you feel.