My Story

Um so I guess I should start from the way beginning.

When I was in elementary school, people called me fatty and greasy. I was underweight then, not on purpose though. I just ran everywhere like most elementary kids. People for some reason have always seemed to be attracted to hurting me. Okay so i was a pretty strong girl back then. I let them talk their B.S. about me, and just took everything as a grain of salt. This was the basis i think for my insecurities in the future.

In high school.... well, things took a sharp turn for the worst. I wanted everyone to like me, and not be bullied like i was in elementary school. Stupid, right? yes it was. This guy ended up taking advantage of me and convinced me that i was fat and ugly and that he was the only one who could love someone like me. I was 99lbs and 5' 1". he took away EVERYTHING from me. Two years later, i finally reported him and thats when other people became involved in the insults. Someone put signs up in the girls bathroom saying "sign here if you think Evita is Fat". almost all the girls in school signed it.

I started restricting sophomore year, and nobody knew. That became too hard for me, and i ended up purging. That didnt work either, so I went on a diet. Junior year i started taking weight loss pills and dropped down to 87lbs. i started passing out in front of other people, so they got involved. Now everyone thinks im Anorexic.... but i'm not.
londalove101 londalove101
18-21, F
Nov 29, 2012