Yes I'm Skinny. No, I Am Not Anorexic Or Bulimic.

I am a naturally skinny girl, so skinny that people call me anorexic or bulimic. People come up to me and ask me, "Do you eat? Ever? Are you anorexic?" Yes. I do eat. A lot. If they actually spent the time getting to know me then they would figure out I'm a pig!!! I just have a very fast metabilism. I hate how people can call skinny girls "Anorexic" or "Bulimic" to their faces and behind their backs but if you ever called a fat girl "Fatty" or "fat ***" everyone would think you are mean. 

It's really not fair. 

And also, I hate how people find it OKAY and NOT MEAN to ask me if I have anorexia. That's like asking an overweight person, "Do you eat all the time or something?!" People think it doesn't hurt my feelings. But it does. 

So if you are reading this and you have called a skinny girl anorexic or bulimic before actually getting know to know her or know her FULL story, don't do it again, even if you weren't doing it to be mean. It hurts.

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1 Response Mar 6, 2010

I understand completely!